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Tapioca (cassava) or locally known as “ubi kayu” is easily grown in the tropical climate of Sabah, Borneo making it a staple food among locals particularly communities living outside of the city. The roots which are the fleshy part of the plant is used as a food source where it can be made into snacks among other things. Yuly tapioca crackers draws inspiration from these local snacks and elevates them further by frying them into an airy, crispy perfection and seasoning them in a wide array of modern flavours. These crackers are packed into a convenient resealable bag which is perfect for on-the-go snacking.

Comes in 8 Flavours :

1. Salted Egg

2. Korean Spicy

3. Cheese

4. Milk

5. BBQ

6. Curry

7. Tom Yam

8. Spicy Cheese



Korean Spicy, Spicy Cheese, BBQ, Salted Egg, Milk, Curry, Tom Yam, Cheese

Delivery Time

Delivery within two working days

Shipping Way

JNT, Flash Express, Box Express (For Sarawak & Brunei)




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